Monday, March 3, 2014

Make Your Cleaning Wipes Go Farther

When I get to the end of a canister of cleaning wipes, I get out a roll of paper towels to make some more.  There's always more liquid left at the bottom and that can be soaked up by folded paper towels.  I fold up about 6-10 towels, depending on what's left in the canister.  Let the towels "marinate" in the liquid for a few hours.  When I take them out to use them, I squeeze out the excess liquid.  I can usually add towels again after the first set is gone.  

What's really nice is that I kind of prefer the towels to the regular wipes, which often leave a trail of "lint" behind.  The towels seem to hold that in better.  There are some who make their own cleaning solution for wipes.  For me, it's so cheap to get these things and I like the way they dispense, that this is as far as I go.  Choose your own level of homemaking-ness.

Cleaning solution at the bottom of the canister

Thanks to couponing, I paid less than $1 for both, maybe less than $ .50

Fold towels in quarters or whatever way you like 'em

Stuff them down to the bottom

Even if the top isn't damp, it will be after a little while unless you've added too many towels

I usually don't use these on my sink, just my toilet.  But who wants a photo of that?

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