Friday, June 21, 2013

78% Savings - Good Enough?

I spent a bit of time planning a trip to Target today.  I think it's best for me to go later in the week, after all the deals are known a little more and the unadvertised sales are more known.  I had originally planned on $42 sale for about $10.  But I ended up with 3 transactions, $144.51 in total for $31.13, 78% savings.

And how do I feel about this shopping trip?  I spent too much and blew my budget and some for next week. But shouldn't I be happy that I saved 78%?  Yes and no.

I did a good job in saving lots of money, but I spent over 3 times what I had planned.  However, I hadn't updated my spreadsheet the last couple of days, just added on a few more deals.  So maybe I didn't have the right totals.  I also want to spend less then $10 per store per week, which this one went way past.  I guess I'll have to chalk this one up to experience.

There were a few things that I got that weren't on my list, too such as pickles, garbage bags and paper towels.  Here's the rundown on what I got with the amounts after coupons and deals:

  • 2 boxes of Wheat things $1.50 ea
  • 2 Schick Skintimate shave gel $ .85 ea
  • 9 Schick Quatro razors 3 pack -$.01 each
  • 4 Colgate mouthwashes $ .25 ea
  • 2 Almay eye make up removers -$ .53 ea
  • 2 Up & Up kitchen trash bags 50 pack $ 2.14 ea
  • 2 rolls Up & Up paper towles $ .50 ea
  • MP Bagels $ .84 ea
  • Glad trash bags $1.14
  • Up & Up paper plates $.58 ea
  • 6 boxes Honey Bunches greek yogurt cereal $1.49 ea
  • 2 boxes Hersheys Cookies & Cream Cereal $1.89 ea
    • Received 2 - $5 gift cards for the cereals
  • 2 jars Vlassic garden pickles $1.91 ea
  • Cambell's Go Soup -$.30
  • 2 Starbucks iced coffees $ .50 ea
  • 2 packs Stoneyfield greek yogurts $2.59 ea
  • MP pasta sauce & box of noodles $.66 ea
  • MP chunk cheeses $2 ea
The funny part was my last transaction.  Because you can only use 4 like coupons in a transaction, I had to split my Schick razors into 3.  The cashier forgot to give me my bag credits on the 2nd transaction, so she applied it to the last one.  I quickly grabbed a candy bar because Target isn't supposed to give overage.  My total came to $ .01 and she gave me the penny!  She said she's never seen that before.  Neither have I, at Target.

Well, I am pretty tired now and it's time to put the rest of this stuff away.  Hopefully there won't be as many deals next week so I can take a break.

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