Friday, May 10, 2013


Breaking news in the coupon world!  (Bet you never thought you'd hear that phrase from me) - Target has a new savings program called Cartwheel.  It says it's beta, so you can get in on the ground floor.  You can save an additional discount on top of Target prices, coupons and manufacture coupons.  It looks like they have % off deals right now which may not look like a lot but can save a bit in the end.

Here's an example of a possible savings (haven't gotten down all the rules yet so may not all work):
1 pack of strawberries - price match Cub's $1.88 price
$1 Target mobile coupon on fresh fruit
= $ .88
Target Cartwheel - 5% off fresh berries
= $.84
Bring your own bag and get $ .05 credit at checkout
= $ .79 for a package of strawberries!

I'm not sure yet if you can get the 5% off before other discounts or after, yet.  If you can get it before, then the strawberries would be $ .74.  And most discounts are for at least 10%, so you can save a lot more than this scenario - PLUS add a manufacturer coupon and you could get overage.  I'll be looking into this more and see what limitations and all that are in this program.

Off to the food shelf with 33 boxes of Bounce and 12 - packs of Bic 4-pack razors!

Update: You start with only 10 spots, so don't add stuff just to add.  You can earn more discounts to open up more savings spots.  Read the help section here.

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