Monday, February 24, 2014

Join the Perdue Crew!

Meat is the hardest thing to get for free, so I usually have to watch for sales or hope for overage.  Luckily I still have a cash budget, but I'm shrinking it slowly as the stockpile builds.  Today I got an email to join the Perdue Crew for Perdue Chicken.  It's free, you can earn points for rewards and coupons.  And yes, I do get points for referrals, but you'll be able to do the same as soon as you start.

Right away, I found I could share a $ .75 coupon on facebook - yay!  I love sharing coupons.  I was able to click on the coupon link myself and print it off.  But here's the kicker - because the site thought a "friend" was
printing the coupon, I instantly got a $2 coupon.  So now I have 2 - $ .75 and 2- $2 for Perdue Chicken (back arrow works to print 2 each).

Not bad for a night's work!  Hopefully I'll find some deals to spend these on.

Join the Perdue Crew here.

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