Wednesday, March 5, 2014

You Know You're A Couponer When...

  • You've built arm muscle from carrying around your coupons
  • You no longer go to the gym because hitting 4 stores in 2 hours and 90% average savings is workout enough
  • You'd rather be paid in coupons than cash
  • You pass up a deal that's free, hoping for a better one later
  • Having to pay just tax gets to be a downer
  • You plan your meals from what's in your stockpile and what's expiring soon
  • A printer jam is a tragedy of epic proportions especially if it's one of those "rare" coupons that limits 1 print
  • Your coupons are printed on the backs of leftover Christmas printer paper, old college notes and  any other copy paper in decent condition
  • You offer the other people in line at checkout coupons for what's in their cart
  • The cashiers know you by name and ask how your family is
  • A cashier has hinted that s/he thought you'd save more and is slightly disappointed in you
  • You tip off your favorite stores on upcoming sales so they'll order extras
  • Your friend takes 4 bags of things from your stockpile and didn't make much of a dent
  • Forgetting your resuable bags and not getting the extra $ .05 off can ruin your savings percentage
  • You've been asked if you'll be on the Extreme Couponing show
  • You barter with other people with stuff in your stockpile
  • You know the sales and store layout better than some employees
  • When a store's shelves are always cleared of a money maker, you wish you could bring some of that item from your home you can "buy" it and make money at the store
  • You wonder if you could be hired as an official couponer

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