Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Yes There's A Free Lunch, Just Not at Chipotle

There's a new hoax going out around facebook that if you follow, post and tag a photo, Chipotle will give you a free meal.  As much as I'd love this, it's not true.  Chipotle has been replying to many questions about this recently, here's one:

The poster asks a good question.  If there is such a good coupon, wouldn't the company want more people to know about it and post it on their facebook page?  Which is also something we should all think about.  Even if your friend, whom you trust post something - it doesn't mean it's true.

Although there's no free burrito, there are other free lunches and offers out there.  Check out this list of birthday freebies.  Many of them will give you something just for signing up, so no need to wait until your special day!  Last weekend, I got a free sandwich including side from Famous Dave's just for signing up, we just needed a $5 additional purchase.  We also were able to get up to 3 free meat & potato burritos from Taco John's with no other purchase and I got a free Arby's roast beef with purchase of small drink.

There are places with free or nearly free lunches out there, but Chiptole is not one of those places.  But if they do have a free lunch offer, I'll post it when I see it.

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