Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Just Needed Bread...

You know when you go into a store and just need 1 thing, and come out with a whole bunch more stuff?  Usually when this happens, I end up spending a lot more than I had planned on.  But not today.  Today I spent nothing out of pocket at Walgreens.

First, I transferred a prescription.  With an online coupon, I received a $25 store gift card.

Then, I started shopping for free stuff.
  • Sally Hansen nail colors B1G1 1/2 price.  I had 4 - $4 coupons, making them all free
  • 2 - Oral B toothbrushes on sale for $3.49 each, applied 2 - $1 coupons for $2.49 each PLUS earned 3,000 BR points (worth at least $3, see note below on this one)
  • 4 - Starbucks frappucinos, on sale for 4/$5, applied 2 - $1/2 coupons = 4/$3
  • Wondering how this adds up to free?  Keep reading...
  • Calagel first aid, itch lotion $6.79, applied $1 coupon PLUS received $5 coupon for next shopping trip = $ .79
  • 1 dozen eggs $ .99
  • Loaf of bread $ .89
  • Used $1.50 RR coupon from previous transaction
  • Used $4.00 RR coupon from previous transaction
= $2.03
Applied gift card
= $0.00

This would have been great without the gift card too, I saved 98% or $48.75 (including card discounts) and would have been happy to pay only $2.03.  But free is better.

To top it all off, I received 2 more store coupons and disounts:

  • $5 off my next store purchase (mentioned above from Calagel cream)
  • $10 off purchase of $35 or more valid Friday-Monday
  • PLUS 3,000 BR points which brings my total to over 40,000 which means $50 credit on most everything
    • Side note: I didn't initially get my 3,000 points at the register, I called Walgreens to check this out.  Looks like I can't earn points when using my "store credit/gift card."  But they were nice and gave them to me anyway.
  • And, I have $22.95 still on my gift card
= $87.95 in store credit!
Pretty good deal for just needing to get bread.

Looks like I'll be shopping there again on Sunday!

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