Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Real Money Makers

Around the couponing world, the term "money maker" is a hot topic.  Sometimes though, money makers require you to buy something first, THEN get a coupon worth that amount after.  For me, this isn't a money maker, this is getting something for 50%.  I can break this down at a later time, but a Real Money Maker in my book is one that I don't have to pay for AND I get money from it, or overage.

Here's an example of one that I did a few weeks ago:

  • Almay Eye Make-up remover $1.14
  • Almay $4 coupon off ANY cosmetic item
= FREE eye make-up remover
= $2.86 in overage

Since I had several of these coupons, I use my overage to buy some fresh fruit and yogurt.

Here are some other current REAL Money Makers going on now.
Note:  Walmart's corporate coupon policay states that they allow for overage.  Some will give money back or a gift card.  I find it easiest just to get other items to make up for the overage since you need to wait for a manager's approval to get money back.  Always print out their coupon policies and take it with you in case you have trouble at the register.

Buy all 4 items, you've just make $.78 in overage.
You can generally print 2 coupons out from the same computer.   So if you do each deal twice, that's $1.56.
Add another computer with 2 more coupons each = $3.56 and so on

Can't use all the items that you got paid to buy?  Donate them to your local food shelf.  The last few times I volunteered at mine, there was no baby food, limited toiletries and slim pickings on coffee.  Plus, you'll get the tax write off when you donate.  A win-win for everyone!

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