Monday, March 31, 2014

Savings - 98% at Target

One of the things on my list to do before I'm 41 is to do an Extreme Couponing trip.  I believe I crossed that off the list last week.  I decided to see how much I could get for under $10.  I got out all the coupons that I knew could get me free stuff at Target and things for 90% off.  Basically it was a big math problem.

I had a $5/$30 in groceries coupon and $5/$15 in hair care.  Plus I always bring my own bags and use my Red Card for 5% off.  And finally, I had $5 gift cards from before to cover those items that hubby put on the list but I didn't have any coupons for.  One thing I didn't have was mobile coupons which would've helped me save more.

After an hour of shopping, I made my way to the registers and chose a cashier whom I had worked with before and was coupon friendly.  The subtotal was about $102 and then I handed her a huge stack of coupons...

$3.18 including tax

Then I went home, submitting my receipt to checkout51 (4 pics long) and got back $1.75.

Then a couple days later I found 2 coupons worth $2 total that I forgot to give the cashier.

So it should've been $1.18 plus $1.75 cash back = $ .57 moneymaker!

What did I get?  I got - greeting cards, hair spray, canned cat and dog food, Honest juice, fresh berries, hamburger, yogurt, rice milk, cheeses and more.  Most of it is stuff we'll use, the rest is to donate.

And now I'm sort of back to being burnt out on couponing.  On the plus side, we have enough stuff stocked up that I don't have to go shopping for awhile.

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