Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sedona Vacation - Cheaper by the Day

Over a year ago, I won a 1-week condo stay in Sedona, Arizona.  It only includes the condo and we are roughly 1,600 miles from there so driving isn't going to work this time (too much time off work).  We needed plane tickets and a car.  I waited until my price came up for the plane tickets and didn't look back since.  But the car rental?  I kept seeing $44/day as the lowest price and that just isn't good enough.  Especially since I've been couponing for almost a year  now, I know there's deals out there that I wasn't seeing.

Tonight, I booked our car rental, a standard sized car for $13/day with unlimited miles.
Plus, I'll get 4% back through ebates.
Plus, I'll get 2 miles for ever $1 charged on my rewards credit card.

So for every day of rental, I'll save $31 from the lowest price, earn $ .52 cash and 26 mile points
= $248 savings, $4.16 cash, 208 miles

It's like the savings don't stop.  Because that cash can be put toward other things that I can save a percentage on in ebates.  Which will earn more cash that will be put toward other things that I can save a percentage on in ebates...

And I'm pretty happy about that.

You can sign up for ebates here.  I do get points for everyone who signs up via my link.  So here's what you can do after you sign up for free - pass on the referral points to yourself by getting a friend to sign up.  It's like we're passing the buck, literally.  Everyone wins and then we can go run around in our cheap rental cars.

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