Friday, May 17, 2013

Walgreens Fail!

Thought I'd share with you that not all couponing trips are successful.  Yesterday I popped into Walgreens in Monti, got 2 Crest Pro-Health tubes that gives me back $3,000 points, intending to use my $5 RR on them. I get up to the register, flip through my wallet, and no RR!  There's now a line behind me and I look through again and realize that I left it at home, next to my camera from when I took a pic of it for this blog.  So I paid $5.00 for 2 after coupons.

I could've just said that I can't get this today and walk away.  But I felt the "cash register pressure" to be done with my transaction from the cashier and people behind me.  Next time, I'll be sure to check out at the cosmetics or photo counter to avoid this pressure.  

Luckily, I did find a few more of the $1 Crest coupons, so I'm going to make sure I put my RR into my wallet and try it again....maybe.

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