Saturday, March 8, 2014

When to use a Free Coupon

I've recently gotten a few free item coupons in the mail when manufacturers offer them online.  These are manufacturer coupons and can be used at any store that stocks those items.  Instead of redeeming these coupons on my next shopping order, I save them for when they can
be spent strategically.  Here's a few ideas on when to use your free item coupons.

  1. When it earns you rewards or points.  For example, at Cub Foods when yo use your gas rewards card, they give you credit for the pre-coupon price.  If you had $50 in free item coupons, you can earn $ .05 a gallon toward gas at Holiday (or you can get there incrementally).  Also look for drug store or other store deals that offer rewards points with certain items.
  2. To help you get to a certain transaction amount.  Many stores offer discounts, money off or points when you reach a certain total.  Just make sure that it's BEFORE coupons, not after.  For example, if you need to get to $25 in items at Walgreens to get bonus rewards, then you can most likely use free item coupons to get you there.  Target and Cub sometimes has a coupon such as $5/$50 purchase.  Always check the fine print and ask the store for any questions.
  3. To get double coupons at Rainbow Foods.  This is similar to the previous one, but a little more complicated.  Rainbow Foods doubles coupons after a minimum order amount (usually $25) to get a certain amount of coupons doubled.  There's more rules to this such as the amount each coupon can be doubled, how many can be doubled and which ones to hand to a cashier first.  Generally, give your highest amounts first, but not the free item coupons as they cannot be doubled.  
  4. If you don't see any of the above offers that get you to redeem your free item coupon, then just make sure to redeem it before it expires.  Flag it in your coupon organizer to make sure it doesn't get lost.

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